We are proud to offer the following services to the Tri-State area. We offer all of our services to all breeds of
cattle and goats.  Our lab technicians are knowledgeable, efficient, and passionate about the dairy industry.
Our field technicians are friendly, dependable, and QCS certified.

Data from all services is recorded and processed through your choice of dairy records processing center. 
Choose from DRMS (Dairy Records Management Systems), Amelicor (previously Provo), AgriTech Analytics or
AgSource Cooperative Services.

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Component Testing
We currently offer testing for the following components:
   SNF (Solids Non Fat)
   Total Solids
   MUN (Milk Urea Nitrogen)
   SCC (Somatic Cell Count)
   Ketosis Screening

These tests can be done on milk from all breeds of cattle and goats.
For information about prices for component tests, please contact our main office at (806) 651-8750.
Pregnancy Testing
We currently offer two types of pregnancy testing for cattle and goats:

Milk Pregnancy Testing
Our milk pregnancy test is 96% accurate and the results are collected within 6 hours of receiving the samples.
This is the industry leading test for reducing invasiveness and unnecessary stress on the animal. Milk pregnancy
testing eliminates the need for additional animal sorting, restraining, and sampling. It also allows for better time
management between the producer and veterinarian.

Serum Pregnancy Testing
Our serum pregnancy test is 99% accurate and the results are collected within 5 hours of receiving the samples. While still more invasive than the milk test, serum testing is slightly more accurate and eliminates the need for palpating or ultra sound. This presents a prime opportunity for non-dairy producers to quickly obtain results without having to make an extra appointment with the veterinarian.

For information about pricing, please contact our main office at (806) 651-8750.
Disease Testing

We currently offer ELISA testing for Johne's disease. Through this test, producers can utilize early
detection to protect herds and manage outbreaks.

For information about the test or test prices, please contact

Beth Bonjour
Phone: (806) 651-8750

For information about Johne's disease, please visit
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